Cannacraft, founded in 2016, is a Colorado based company specializing in the cultivation and breeding of recreational cannabis.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products on the recreational market. The grow techniques used in our facility are a combination of love, passion, and know-how. We sell our products directly to dispensaries where consumers can purchase for personal use.

Licensed Colorado Retail Cannabis Dispensaries and MIPs

For information on how you can get your hands on our products, please visit the
Get Some tab. If you are a dispensary owner, please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

The Brothers Walton

Parker and Matthew Walton are both Virginia boys who have always been fascinated by cannabis.  When a chance to turn a long time hobby into a legitimate business, both Parker and Matthew sprung at the opportunity.  Starting out as managers for Rocky Mountain Organics, a Southern Colorado grow facility, the two were able to learn more about the budding recreational cannabis industry.  In June 2016,  Parker and Matthew started Cannacraft LLC and became the owners of their own Recreational Cannabis Cultivation Facility.




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